Corruption In Haiti's Government Institutions

Jmd - October 30 2011, 12:19 PM

President Martelly,

I want to profit this moment to say thank you for wanting to take on this task and serve the Haitian people and your country.

Mr. President, I want to let you know that the Haitian Diaspora would love to come back and invest in their country.

However, the system that is in place right now is not attractive.

There is no mechanism in place to tam corruption that continues to hamper on the economic future of the country.

My investigation led me to believe that government employees do not provide services directly to the population.

Everything is done through a middleman, which forces an individual seeking a particular service to pay more for the service in which the employee is paid to provide.

Sometimes this action results on the individual paying for the service and not receiving it. When the service is actually provided after so much arguing and turning around, the money share between the middleman, the Haitian government, the employee, and someone at the top in the institution.

I know that because I hired several middlemen from different Haitian government institutions in order to see and prove how corrupt these people are.

As an international business consultant and educator, I found that the Haitian business climate to be extremely difficult and painful for an honest investor or businessman to bear and cope with. This disease is very bad; it is killing the country, and it is also taking the country down. I travel to Haiti many times in the last couple of years with the intention of establishing a business in the country in the near future.

After what I have seen and noticed, I believe this adventure does not worth the headache.

This means a lost of job opportunity for several families that would benefit from the business.

Mr. president your intentions to revive the Haitian economy and create jobs are welcoming, and I applaud your enthusiasm.

However, you are going to be disappointed because the country is not to going to attract investors with considerable capital if your administration does not make an effort to curve corruption.

May God bless you and the Haitian people!



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