Bouboune, The chains around the necks, annkles and hands were...

Neg Maron - November 2 2011, 1:48 PM

Bouboune, The chains around the necks, annkles and hands were easy to remove, as opposed to the ones that were placed around our mental capability to see through the obscurity caused by the culprits.

Some who have been damaged to the point beyond beyond repair, will somehow believe that certain predicaments will be forever.

But those of us who are a bit more optimistic, in the reality of your stated truth, know that even it takes another 207 years - the Haitian mind will find its way through that obscurity.

Truly, it is not only the Haitian people who are affected by enslavement in one form or anather, but the world is under the weight of those powerful elites alluded to. Although baboons will always be baboons, unless they evolve into a simpler or more complex, as humans will always be humans.

And humans.

of course, will always find a way to evolve and improve its social conditions - nothing is forever.

Make an effort to free your mind, my friend, and leave forever alone.

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