This is for you caribbean obserber

Tank - November 2 2011, 2:58 PM

Caribbean observer agentxzywv whenever they call you you need to shutup we haitians people are not carry that cross for nothing we should consider for every black people and people who been free around the world as heroes but not like dirt because all of you country in the caraibe who talk trash about haiti who look at haiti as a jungle we make you who you today because none of you have been fight for your independence they give it to you they do you a favor we haitians are the only reason why you can look the white men in the face now without having him spite in your face we haitian people for freedom around the world just like jesus christ did to save humanity and we carry that cross because we have been kicking the french in 1804 god will give us power to carry the cross its ok with us because we have carry it for a good cause

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