Business plan for construction project in Haiti.Help.

Gaston Voltaire - November 12 2011, 10:36 AM

Dear Mr President,
I've recently gotten an official commitment from a foreign Bank for aconstruction project for haiti.

I was told to go and seek any Bank in Haiti to support this project by simply contacting the said bank and offer to cover the interests on monthly payments as a form of letter of garanty.

I went to Unibank and BPH (banque populaire haitienne) and Sogebank.All ridicule me, told me I am waisting my time, that no bank in haiti offers such
letter.So It's now been 3 weeks and I am losing this funding because of selfish, unreasonable people in Haiti.

I am sure if I have a project for Santo Domingo or Puerto Rico or Jamaica Will find some bank to help the financing support that would give me this garantee.

I am requesting that you stress to the financial establishments to facilitate the financing, especially when the funding is already approved
from overseas.Can you help me in this urgent matter.

Yours truly, Gaston Voltaire.


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Yvrance Unelus says...

There are no jobs in Haiti. If you have a job in Haiti it is not a guarrantee You may lose that job anytime. There is not enough credit for a bank in Haiti to allow your construction project to concretise. This is not a one person commitment, It more »