Haiti Arrmy Reborn for change

Lautre Niveau - November 17 2011, 10:34 PM

since we are talking the returning of the haitian .I think we should renamed it Haiti National Defence force since we are triying to changed the images of haiti the army we had we the current name should not be restored it represent the shame of haiti we should have a new image and a new name since we are triying to give haiti a positive image for everybody to see bringing back the army is a good things but we should not live in the pass the army we had before with the current name represent the shame of haiti it does nothing good for the country it has bring us many suffering and harship .I hope the restoration of this army will brings a good positive image for haiti not these criminal we had before we need the young generation to take over not these criminal we had in the pass .I hope martelly is listen he should restart the army from scatch all the people that are going to the army need to go academy millitaire untill the graduate we need to have a proffessional army not an army of thugs and thief.

I hope martelly take note.

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