There are no jobs in Haiti. If you have a job in Haiti it is...

Yvrance Unelus - November 20 2011, 3:59 PM

There are no jobs in Haiti.

If you have a job in Haiti it is not a guarrantee
You may lose that job anytime.

There is not enough credit for a bank in Haiti to allow your construction project to concretise.

This is not a one person commitment, It is a group of partners of at least 24 members with solid assets
and money in the Bank who can promote a Business plan for construction project in Haiti or a billionaire like Donald Trump who can do such thing.

No Bank will want to risk their money in one person construction project in Haiti., A group of entrepreneurs with many assets and a lot of money in the Bank can have a construction project for Haiti.

If you can find at least 25 partners on your side who are interested in your construction issue for Haiti and want to cosign with you for such project, then the Bank in Haiti, may give you a chance, but there is no guarrantee.

It is a group of entrepreneurs and partners commitment, not a one person job, because if you become sick who will replace you, who will pay the contractors and everything.

You need some financial advice, you can find financial advisor in the bank.You have a good idea but you have to find other people who have the same idea with you to come together and put these ideas into action.You cannot do much all by yourself when it comes to money and banking.

I do not blame the Haiti Bank.
No bank in the world wants to risk their money.


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