National Security. The security of Haiti is our o

Jean Accilus - November 21 2011, 12:51 AM

National Secuty is our business.

It is not the affairs of anybody else. Even though, we have many friends, though, the security of our Home land should be assured by our men in uniform.

Yes, Haiti is in need of a strong Army. If UN believe that we are in need of a Munistah, However, it is our right to ask for an Army. The former president of Haiti disbanded the Army badly.

Now, you should ask him to finance and to pay for the whole opperation of the new army for about two years.

The security of our country is one of our multiple duties.

It is our business to say and to reorganize our own military.

The country of Canada or so call friends of Haiti have nothing to say regarding our National Security.

Remember, It was the National Army or Military who fought on our behalf and who gave us January 1, 1804

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