The party continues with a new house

Tiba - November 23 2011, 7:12 AM

USAID has just inaugurated a beach house to house the Haitian both legislatures, the parliament and the senate.

It is said this beach house costs $1.9 million.

The entire Haitian government is dancing, driking "tafia" and bowing to the master all the way to ground thanking them for the beautiful beach house they now call the Legislative Palace.

What a shame and disgrace! The Haitian government and the Haitian people cannot afford $1.9 million to build their own stupid beach house?

What's the purpose to have a government that cannot build/create or do absolutely nothing for itself?

No wonder why there is no oxygen flowing into their brains allowing them to think rationally about what they got elected for, it's because they have their heads sticking to deep in the master's butt.

My question is, will the Haitian government ever have any decency, integrity, dignity, and pride at all?

Haitians have got to brake loose from the master and start doing things for themselves.

You have no say and no control over your life when it is always others doing for you and taking care of you.

In this world, money talks and money rules! you got my drift?

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Georgieboy says...

Tiba, I understand your frustration, but it is because of USAID and the IMF, and all the other foreign institutions in Haiti that Martelly cannot get anything done. If they have their way, he wont last a year. more »

Tiba says...

Georgieboy, I agree with you but it seems to me that's exactly how the government wants it to be just so they won't have to do anything since they have no plans for Haiti in the first place. And if they did have at least ONE plan for the country more »