Haitian Vitamin-News 27 November 2011- Wyclef Jean Dossier Vol-1

Agent-x - November 27 2011, 8:14 PM

Wycleft Jean Dossier Volume-1
Who is helping who in Haiti.

What is the difference between Michel Martelly and Wycleft Jean?

All are the same. One is physically shorter and darker than the other but they think the same way. Both supposedly are friend.

As soon Martelly enter the National palace he shamelessly put his friends, his son, the sons, daughters and cousins of his friends on the Haitian government's payroll.

Martelly delayed the declaration of his personal property asset for a long time until he was able to find those millions in the Haitian coffers.

Where he find all those millions to put on his bank accounts?

That money does not come from selling his CD music.

Ask any Haitian Musician how much they make from selling their CD music then figure it out.
◙ New York Post ▬ 27 November 2011►Questions dog Wyclef's Haiti fund

You Tube ▬ Nov 12, 2011 - 1 min - Uploaded by welcome2haiti.

Wyclef Jean should lead by example and share his success story about investing in Haiti.

The fact that there is ...Michel Martelly's czar Wyclef Jean has the audacity to say that Haiti is open for business

Yourtango-com ▬ 15 March 2011►Wyclef Jean Paid Mistress With Haiti Charity Funds.

Why did Wyclef Jean pay out $105,000 of Yele Haiti's money to his mistress?

By Becky Broderick posted Mar 15th 2010 9:30AM

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