Return to the sender. We don't accept letters from creeps

Agent-x - November 28 2011, 12:02 AM

The following grafity was returned to its sender because we do not accept grafiti.


Try another address.

You are a thug that does not deserve my respect

►Ms. Joseph: You have made my point very clear.

You are a perfect example of what I said last. You are good at attacking people but not good at answering facts.

You are not good at it because you don't understand them. It is a lot easier to lash out and copy and paste others.

Unlike you I respect my Haitian friends and Haiti.

I can't say the same for you. My son's name is Joseph Andrew Guernsey.

He will grow up to be a fine Haitian-American Man. By the way my name is Brian Andrew Guernsey.

I can't remember when my ancestors were not Americans and proud of it. Stop talking badly about America.

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