Haitian Vitamin-News 28 November 2011-A-2

Agent-x - November 29 2011, 12:01 AM

☺☻ Since Martelly took power, degenerecency and insecurity is worsening in Haiti.

Meanwhile, BID and CRH made arrangements to send 250 investors that will arrive in Haiti on 29 November 2011 looking for docile Haitians workers they could use at starvation wage and to maximize their profits.

So those CEO could become billionaires at an accelerating rate in a short period of time while they will continue to show in their media that Haiti is the poorest country and Haiti is responsible for the situation.

Since Haiti does not have a strong police force, Washington will give those CEO the gauarantee to provide security to those investors which means the poor Haitian workers and the Haitian population will be under the vigilance of drones warships and marines within the next five years.☺☻

◙ Port-au- prince, Bois Verna, Haiti.▬ on 25 November 2011, shortly after 05:15 P.M Haitian Police raided Stanley Club which is located on Rue Duncombe, corner of Ave Lamatiniere, not too far from St Joseph Hospital.

Police Arrested the Owner and detained several adolescent for degenerate activities.

Several hundred students participating in this after school musical program but that location is a ill-reputed house that entice adolescents between the ages of 12 y/o to 19 y/o to use marijuana, alcohol and promiscuity.

About two dozen of school adolescents were detained which represent a meager sample of the more than 600 of them that were present during the raid.

Police called their parents.

As students, they were released to the arrival of their parents or legal guardians so they could be aware of their children activities.

Meanwhile the club owner, Mr. Stanley Matteis was arrested.

This case was referred to tribunal de paix section East.

The club usually plays degenerate music, the girls would bend over pull out their skirts or pants, and enticed the boys to grab them from behind and simulate sexual intercourse.

It is unclear at this moment whether free or paid intercourse took place in the premises.

The head of the office of Canap

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