Never and never I never want a return of baby doc duvalier in...

Lautre Niveau - December 2 2011, 4:37 PM

never and never I never want a return of baby doc duvalier in this country we had suffer enought if baby doc want to help there other area he can help, please give haiti a chance we had done enought harm already to this country is time for you to retired the haitian people are very much smarter than that to vote fo baby doc seconde baby has bloood on his hands he commited so many crime and killed so many haitian never and never again for a return of duvalier in haiti we are finnish with them we should ban that party anyhow is the of a repressive regime .I would rather vote for wyclef jean then for these bastard.

Wyclef should be the next president if michel martelly is not elected the haitian are much smarter than that is not going to make the same mistake again if these bastard want any power let them go to hell because the had never done anything good for this country the had all the chance and the blow it up that party should be ban forever we never want a return of duvalier in haiti because the had done enougth now is martelly time and haiti time forget about papa doc and baby doc.


Francois Nicolas Duvalier II: Martelly's Political Adviser

Duvalier II is trying to gain Haiti's political experience within the Martelly's regime as a political adviser before...

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