what should be the president top priority

Frantz Dorismond - December 4 2011, 10:51 AM

Resolve the kindnapping issue by going vigourously at it through spying and the creation of a special task force to deal with it. create a special fund for reward money for anybody denouncing a kidnapper or report a suppisious activity that lead to the aprehention of a group of kidnappers.

a phone # could be made public
in the media and advertised in the streets of p-au-p by board signs giving the caller only a# tocash his reward money as long as it a good lead. #

2- fight corruption in the customs(DOUANES)
a rate book should be available to all to determine how much money somebody is paying for the year of a particular model of a car and not by a deal with a employee of the douanes office in haiti.the fees could be paid directly at the shipping company which in turn would deposit the money to a haitian goverment account located in the
US or else where depends on the original country port of shipping.

this way :no more magouilles with raketters and the haitian treasury
at malpasse a group of policiman at the office of douanes is using civilians to harass and take illegal fees from people that crossing
the border with rental cars. i was a victim in july 0f this year along with other friends that where coming from santo domingo by land
that has to stop in order to protect the prestige of this gov't.

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