Middy, I don't want any of the former regimes to return into...

Eugene Lambert - December 4 2011, 4:17 PM

Middy, I don't want any of the former regimes to return into the political arena.

Aristide and Duvaliers should give up to the idea of returning in power as presidents.

We are done with both regimes and the one presided by Preval too. The new Haiti should be managed by qualified rich educated Haitians who were out of power like Dumas, Wyclef, Baker, Rosny Desroches, Castera, Saliba, Beaussan, Brown, Dimitri Accra, Vorbes, Flambert, Mevz and others to name a few for the next 50 years.

Poor uneducated Haitians should serve in other areas, but not as presidents.

Biracial Haitians will not cooperate with dark skinned blacks when they are in power and why should dark skinned blacks be interested to become president and to do what without the will of the powerful biracial elites of Haiti.

Now, they will stop stealing because a biracial person and one of them is in power.

They will cooperate and the international community will not divide them. Dark skinned Haitians are buried alive in this white world and they should understand that. We don't want them in power and if they want to see economic progress occur in Haiti, they should vote for biracial Haitians and in order word the powerful ones.

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