Bioscientists' Victory Over The Christian God

Joubert - December 6 2011, 1:58 AM

God has created the heterosexuals, but scientists in modifying others' DNA and RNA make us embrace the other way of enjoying sexual flavors.

Gays, bisexuals, transgenders, intersexes and spansexuals are the added flavors of creation of bioscientists.

Now, we are importing homosexuality through our world hospitals and now one can say that the Western God is dead and there is no reason to be Christian and heterosexual marriages should not be promoted anymore due to the fact bioscientists doctors are the ones to assign a sex to our children born in their hospitals and not God. This is the greatest victory of bioscientists against the will of God. The latter is dead. Alleluia.

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Samba Diarra says...

God is dead because bioscientists are God on earth. They are inflicting genetic diseases humans at birth and they modifying their DNA to transform them into homosexuals and all types dysfunctional behaviors. Our children are being molested and killed more »

Mireille says...

Ils sont tous des ruses. Ils modifient le sex de nos enfants et personne ne dit rien. Ils font cela avec les animaux aussi, mais moi je vous le dis Joubert, ils n'oseront faire cela a aucun de mes enfants. Je les exterminerai tous dans le Voodoo. Il more »