A Message For President Michel Martelly

Georges Valme - April 6 2011, 10:04 AM

Dear President Martelly,

Below is a letter I wrote to my childhood friend Danel Georges.

Hello Danel

I know that you probably are very busy with the end of the election, However If you happen to Meet the new President of Haiti, Please congratulate him and also let him know that we are ready to stand with him in making Haiti see a new era.

On our side, we are moving to a new 8,000 sqfts warehouse at the end of April where we will process our vegetable oil and as I stated before, our trip to Surinam was a success, we are opening a new oil collection there and actually we are buying equipments to send to Surinam for the investments.

We are also looking to manufucture a clean wood stove and planning to import the wood from Surinam to Haiti because to many trees are being cut to make charcoal and see if we can lower the price to make it affordable for all, and since charcoal is a $ 400 millions per year business and the government is not getting a dime of taxes out of it.
By channeling the sale of cooking wood and charcoal, the government can better control and collect millions in taxes from that industry.

Again as I stated, We are willing to start a nursery in Haiti big enough to handle hundred of thousand of trees and as our new President was saying to get all of our youth involved to create a new Haiti and tackle the deforestation issues.

As for biofuel, you know that we have now around 40,000 gallons of oil per week and ready to put it the the service of Haiti.

We are expecting to send the first biofuel bus and the biofuel generator to Haiti for the inauguration of the new President.

Again I want you to know that we are willing to work with Mucci to create a partnership with the rural population where we can come with expertise, money, and support and I have many people in the diaspora wanting to join Mucci and supporting our farmers in Haiti..

We have the money, the knowledge and the the materials to make it a success.

I believe first of all in you as a big brother and also for what you have accomplished in Haiti during all those difficult years you never abandoned Haiti.

I know the support we all can give to our new President Michel Martelly can make Haiti prosperous again and I firmly believe that the president is an honest and hard working men that can take the country out of the darkness

Your brother

Georges Valme
Phoenix Renewable International, INC.
8950 Sunrise Lakes BLVD # 206
Sunrise, Florida, 33322

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