Thank you so much Agent-x and that is very informative. If...

Toulimen Legrand - December 10 2011, 7:53 PM

Thank you so much Agent-x and that is very informative.

If Haitians cannot control the enemies, they will control and destroy Haitians as well. It is the time to educate our people to be up to the tasks because those hidden forces would never want Haitians to reap the fruit of the Haitian Revolution.

Around the world, many historians, political analysts and scientists would tell you that only Cuba and Haiti had made a social revolution by changing an old Order to a new one, but the Haitian Revolution is not being taught in the white world universities as a true and serious revolution like the Cuban one. The American, French, Russian revolutions to name a few were not true revolutions because there was no new order installed in place to succeed their progressive revolutions.

We must educate the new children of Haiti to save this richest country labeled the poorest country on earth.

Now, the most advanced countries recognized that Haiti was a geological accident of history in terms of its mineral resources and they want this golden cake to be shared among them and that is Spain got back on the negotiating table to enjoy a part of our wealth.

Later, British would ask Haiti to be a member of its Commonwealth System to be on board too. We are rich citizens of the wealth and we should be proud of ourselves.

Our economic wealth could not be labeled anymore US Strategic Oil Reserves.

We are an independent country and we should start digging soon to make Haiti respected again...

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The following links are addendum to the axis of evil...


New World Order: Illuminati, CIA, FBI, Freemasonry and the Roman Club

They have an agenda to colonize the whole world through spying agencies, NGOs, Red Cross, Lodges, Bioscientists...

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