Jean-Pierre, the Haitian Tea Party as called the Haitian...

Toulimen Legrand - December 11 2011, 6:15 PM

Jean-Pierre, the Haitian Tea Party as called the Haitian Peasants' Movement Party put Martelly into power.

The Haitian Tea Party emerged every 40 years like the U.S. Tea Party aka known the party of the rich conservative people in both countries.

They have money and they know how to mobilize people to vote for their chosen candidate.

This party is the spoke person for 70% of the Haitian people aka Haitian Peasants.

If you got picked by them at any time during Haiti's political history no one can stop you from being president of Haiti.

The Bourdon Group is a big supporter of the Haitian Tea Party aka the Haitian Peasants' Movement.

Jean, peasants are poor and uneducated, they cannot do politics, but remember the rich are doing politics on their behalf and they mobilize them when they want and tell them what to do. That's why you get Martelly instead of Mirelande Manigat.

Haitian elites don't need educated Haitians to manage Haiti.

They had done it with Soulouque, but the latter showed them no compassion at all and they had to overthrow him in the end. Jean, Haiti is not an independent country and you need to understand it. The CIA, FBI, Illuminati, NGOs, The Vatican City, Red Cross, The Freemasons and the Oligarch of the seven richest families of Haiti are managing Haiti.

You need to understand the interests of each these groups to understand Haitian politics and know what to do or what to say.

The Manager of this blog is one them and you can understand why he keeps blocking all good bloggers like us. Remember, after I posted the White Zombies' genes article in our bodies to show how white bioscientists keep inflicting diseases to the dark skinned people as well as modifying their DNA and RNA around the world while protecting the biracial ones i.e. the mulattoes, he just blocks me on this blog and I have to use another IP to continue to post. I have so many IPs available to discourage him from blocking me, and I will still continue to post ok. Take care my friend!

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Toulimen, I cannot understand how the bourgeoisie...


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