The former regimes should be silenced by all means. I am not...

Eugene - December 11 2011, 6:39 PM

The former regimes should be silenced by all means.

I am not protecting the status quo as a biracial Haitian person.

I am not proud of both mulattoes and dark skinned Haitian legacies in Haiti ok. Both ethnic groups are subservient of the international community and we need a neutral nationalist Haitian to defend Haiti's interests.

If it were up to me, the Haitian presidency job would an honorific job like India, Israel and Germany to name a few. I would raise the bar to create a strong premiership position in Haiti.

Being president of Haiti means nothing to me, but the premiership of the government should be managed by highly qualified people and mediocres as it has been in the past 56 years.

Haiti needs a strong man to reconcile the nation and treat all as equals.

We have a partriarchal system that needs to be dismantled so men and women could be seen as equal.

I don't see yet this strong neutral man and I am not proud of the oppression of others in Haiti.

I want all biracial or mulattoes and dark skinned Haitians to be treated as equal and I want an egalitarian society to be established in Haiti and that's the idea that I am advocating and I am not selling Haiti to those evil bioscientists running the United States, Canada and France now. They are modifying people to dehumanize others and we cannot tolerate that anymore.

A strong Haitian man should step up to save Haiti and treat all as equals.

That's my ideas and I am not for the status quo as you claim.

Putting highly educated and qualified rich people in power in Haiti does not mean advocating status quo. Those people could from any ethnic groups because we have tremendous of wealth in the hands of both groups and any of them could be president like it is in the most advanced countries.

Putting rich educated and qualified Haitians in power can save Haiti and you must understand this choice.

I enjoy arguing with you and keep up the good work.

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