Toulimem, Americans will not return Gitmo to Cuba. They still...

Marjorie Middy - December 11 2011, 7:48 PM

Toulimem, Americans will not return Gitmo to Cuba. They still consider it a strategic point.

Why would they relocate the prisoners.

I thought the intent was to close down the place.

Why would US return La Navassa to Haiti.

During the past 2 centuries they have used it for numerous and prosperous projects like exportation of good fertilizers.

Now it is being used as a wildlife refuge and administered by US.La Navassa was used during the Panama Canal construction.

US took the land by force.

Americans have benefited largely from this Island.

Haiti and US have NEVER been to court on this issue.

It is not a closed case.
We can't take the case to the United Nations because United Nations are in effect the United States.

There is a conflict of interest here. This case needs an impartial third party with jurisdiction over both parties to resolve this matter.

Happy Holidays!

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