To the specimen Alexandre on this blog with the IQ between...

Agent-x - December 12 2011, 11:50 AM

To the specimen Alexandre on this blog with the IQ between 9~11.

For your information, I read several millions piece of information about Haiti on the internet since the last 20 consecutive years.

Employers, developers,industrialists always praise the Haitians for their work ethics even those that that closed their factory in Haiti to reopen them them in Dominican Republic.

Those employers always said that Haitians in general don't call sick after they get paid. This means that Haitian in general are not lazy and they are good and conscientious workers.

Those that that are saying, " We Haitians are lazy to farm the land, we rather seat under a tree to play dominoes, drink moonshine, complaining about the land cannot produce." have IQ that fluctuating between 9~11

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Starting in January,tout't transfe lajan kap rantre...


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