It would be a good idea. But there is a problem; we can't even...

Douvino - December 12 2011, 5:49 PM

It would be a good idea. But there is a problem; we can't even go to La Navase.

The American has seized it by force.

Technically, we need permission to go there, or americans will shoot every single one of us who dear to go there.

Ask the our President, even Him can't dear to go there without an american authorization.

The Island is so rich, the americans believe we Haitians not good enough to own it. The question is now, what are we Haitians, and the Haitian Authorities are going to do about.

The American has claimed the island for about 140 years now, haitians can't do a thing about it. what a shame, it's ours.

I hope Mr. Martelly and his Administration would call upon "NATO", to help us to get US out of our Island, immediately that's our only hope. The whole world already know the land is belong to us, all we need is a little help to forced the americans out, and stay out.



Thanks to the Duvaliers and to some extent the Haitians themselves ended up in the Dominican Republic where they are...

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