I agree with you with your strong analysis about La Navasa...

Toulimen Legrand - December 17 2011, 10:56 AM

I agree with you with your strong analysis about La Navasa, but we must not lose hope and we can get it back. One question one must ask is this: Does Haiti have an economic plan to use this island?

If you see that US gets it back by force that means there is economic wealth underneath of it and we don't know. The United States will never set foot in a place that does not have any economic wealth at all. If we cannot get it back, we should get compensated for it. May be Preval got paid for it, who knows hein!As Senator Stevens Benoit states it on Signal FM on 12/17/11, Haitian leaders are delinquent people and their delinquency brought Haiti to its knees and Haitians must bow before the international community for help at all times.

Happy Holiday Seasons!

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