A Message For President Michel Martelly

Galdyr Lespinasse - April 6 2011, 1:17 PM

Dear President Martelly,
mwen pap ekri yon messaj ki long pase mwen konnen gentan thousand of other messages that you have to read. to sum up, mete sekirite nan peyi ya, kreye travay pou pep la, edikasyon an enpotant tou. bay jenn yo andreman yo bezwen sou nivo edisyon.

epi mete zero tolerans zafe neg 35, 40 ap renmen ak timounn 12 15 ans bagay sa yo illegal.

i am a young man who have been saving money since 2005 i would like to come back in my country, my dream is to open a business and hired few people to work. if every diaspora decide to do the same the majorities of haitian will be to work; because of the insecurity in Haiti people are scared to do so.

May the Lord be with for the 5 years.

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