I agree with you Bernadette at 500% and no one should be...

Joubert Fontus - December 19 2011, 7:27 PM

I agree with you Bernadette at 500% and no one should be ashamed of Voodoo practices in Haiti, but secret societies of sorcerers are not Voodoo at all and they should be banned on the motherland.

We can allow them to practice their sorcery between themselves outside of the motherland like in Navasa Island or elsewhere.

Pure Voodoo should continue to be practiced everywhere in Haiti.

Very soon, I will build the first national Voodoo temple in Haiti like that one in Cuba and all will be proud to perform Voodoo's Pilgrimage like the Meccan people in Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

Voodoo as one of the national religions will be on the same footage with all other religions in Haiti and in the world as well. In the name of the Holiness Father Dessalines, Father Toussaint, Father Petion and Father Christophe to name a few, Haiti will not be for sale anymore.

We would return to our sources at it was before the takeover of Haiti by the United States in 1862. Animistic Voodoo which is not sorcery and secret societies will be practiced everywhere through Zantray: Zanfan Tradisyon Ayisyan (Traditional Haitian Children Association).

We will be strong again and we can say Ayibobo to all.

We will be ourselves and we will not be viewed anymore as Champwels, Changos and Mackandas rather we will be viewed as strong Traditional Haitian Children or Haitian Children of African Traditions.

In the holiness of our Founding Fathers, I wish you Ayibobo and be proud to be of Haitian Voodoo's heritage! Ayibobo!

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