Les Premieres Victimes Des Vaccins Homosexuels Etaient Les Mulatres En Hait

Sonia Jeune - December 20 2011, 9:57 AM

Ils sont victimes de cette discrimination pour deux raisons:

1. On voulait les reduire et ensuite les remplacer par les mulatres Africains-Americains en 1864. On voulait les detacher de la France pour enfin liberer Haiti.

Ils ont echoue et leur malicieux projet n'a pas reussi.

2. Sachant qu'ils ont de l'argent, leurs enfants me vont pas

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Pierre-marie Germain says...

Sonia, I never understand how some Haitian mulatoes became homosexuals. I thought it was a vice on their part and with your explanation I have come to mderstand that they are the first victims of bioscientists' anti-chromosomes usage in Haiti. They more »

Abel Jerome says...

They wanted to replace them and they did with many Biracial African Americans sent to Haiti in 1864 to retain Haiti as a new colony of the United States. When I see Haitians are asking others to stay away from Americans, I am laughing because 80% of more »