Sonia, I never understand how some Haitian mulatoes became...

Pierre-marie Germain - December 20 2011, 8:16 PM

Sonia, I never understand how some Haitian mulatoes became homosexuals.

I thought it was a vice on their part and with your explanation I have come to mderstand that they are the first victims of bioscientists' anti-chromosomes usage in Haiti.

They started with them to impose homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle among Haitians.

Now, the second victims of those bioscientists are the Haitian children born in the U.S., Canada and France to name a few. Homosexuality in a few years will be a normal lifestyle whether you like it or not. This is dehumanization of human beings to control and reduce the world population.

May the Holiness One i.e. the The Great Almighty One as praised by Father Toussaint Louverture have mercy upon Haitian souls.

Our culture is under attack with chemical foods, diseases and the practices of anti-chromosomes' genes in our country.

May the Almighty One save and bless the ones who are not victims yet of those evildoers.


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