They can help in other areas such as education, agriculture...

Toulimen - December 20 2011, 11:13 PM

They can help in other areas such as education, agriculture and health care, but for the presidency there should be no return for those former regimes.

Their times are over and they should give Haiti a chance to breathe.

Let the singers shape Haiti.

They have good taste for Haiti and after Martelly it should be Wyclef Jean's turn. They are non politicians and they have contacts.

Haiti needs people with great connection to develop itself.

Those former colonial regimes are only connected to Haiti and that is why Haiti looks the way it looks.

Please Haitians allow only non politicians to serve Haiti ok. Martelly is a reincarnation of Dessalines, Soulouque and Estime.

I wish him well and it should detach himself from those ferocious former regimes that want to come back again.

No more former regimes please and Haiti should be free at last...I have asked for their safe return to reconcile the country, but I never expected a come back for them. No more any of those former bloody regimes.

Please no more of the same!

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