Haiti's Residency Requirements For All Established NGOs In Haiti

Toulimen Legrand - December 23 2011, 6:49 PM

The Haiti's parliament should pass a law requiring all NGOs established in Haiti to comply with the Haitian Residency Requirements'Law and if they refuse to comply, they should be expelled from the country within six months.

With the current belief that Haiti is a fiscal paradise for most advanced progressive societies to launder money, the parliament should implement the rules of law toward those charognards to make them comply with the new law. Haiti must stop being a fiscal paradise for those charognards of humanity.

They are in Haiti to infect Haitians with diseases as well as sending bad images of Haiti overseas.

They need Haitian Red and Blue Card to operate as legal entities and the parliament should set up fees for those Haitian Red and Blue Cards.

I am asking the secretary Mr. Laurent Lamothe to impose visas for all countries that ask Haitian immigrants to have visas to visit or temporary stay in their countries under the international reprocity's law. The new law should clearly elaborate that foreigners require visas or Haitian Red and Blue Card to operate on the Haitian soil, and in addition, whoever refuses to comply with the new law should be fined or jailed depending the issues at stake.

Please do that Mr. Lamothe because we are not going to borrow money to develop the country for those charognards at the expenses of the Haitian population.

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Abel Jerome says...

Who wants Haitian residency? What does Haiti have to offer? The greatest export of your country is human being. Why are you asking residency's requirements for Haiti now? Those NGOs are helping there and if they leave, Haiti will fall apart. I am as more »