you deserve congratulations,one thing is;ZERO tolerance with zenglendo,kidn

Jean Samuel Jean Louis - December 23 2011, 10:33 PM

Keep doing your good job excellence, knowing some guys tried to be on your way;take care of them in using:ZERO TOLERANS.Sorry, no more place for ZENGLENDO, KIDNAPPER,GANGSTER etc.We need HAiti"s army, we can not wait. MINUSTAH must go because of creating desorder in the country, this is ashame, we will never forget their delinquences.

If you do that, the nation will stand like one man for you.LOVE YOU, KEEP STRAIGHT YOUR WAY, GOD be with you.

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Richelle says...

Same here I can't wait for Minustah to leave Haiti,they are bunch of dogs.Martelly should have been asks for them to leave Haiti,I don't know why Martelly not doing so yet,this is why I have suppoted him he better do so. more »