A Conference of All Haitian Public CEOs Is Needed In Haiti

Toulimen Legrand - December 24 2011, 11:28 AM

The seven richest families that are managing Haiti's public affairs as directors, personnel chiefs, executive or chief accountants should hold a public conference to inform Haitian people about their governance mode over the past 58 years in Haiti.

At this conference table, one will be surprised to notice the color of the true Haitian bosses in Haiti and one would understand how class struggles with all those seven richest families failed Haiti miserably over the past 58 years.

Dr. Price Mars had called for that conference and his request was turned down, but now if Martelly wants to really change Haiti I am calling on him to allow this historical conference to be held in Haiti as of 2012. Haitians need to see and learn about its true economic bosses because their positions are always filled per Haiti's chamber of commerce request.

That is why I never try to seek a position within any Haitian public institution, for I don't want to be a puppet of those CEO directors.

If there are no political class struggles in Haiti, Martelly should allow that great public conference to occur in Haiti because the public wants to be informed.

In the United States, they do that all times with the US governors i.e. the public CEOs within a federative system and why not Haiti in a centralized system.

Next door in Dominican Republic, they put in place a federative system like Canada, US and Mexico and it works there.

We want all Haitian public CEOs to face the nation and answer this question:why did they let Haiti perish in the past 58 years?

The gang of seven richest families'CEOs should retire if good answers are not provided in this national conference.

Should Haiti opt for a federative system?

You answer yourself.

I know some of you will say that I have a problem with mulattoes, I have none whatsoever, but Haiti's presidential history empowers me to understand the failure of this great historical country for the past 208 years.

I had analyzed all Haiti's past governments in my research thesis and I had found that class struggles and racism are the vectors of Haiti's destruction for the past 208 years.

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Samba says...

I agree this conference should be held asap. The public Haitian directors should face the nation as of January 2012. It should be a big public debate between them and the people of Haiti. They should answer questions about their management so people more »