Once I ask for a national conference for all Haitian public...

Toulimen Legrand - December 25 2011, 12:16 PM

Once I ask for a national conference for all Haitian public administrators such as personnel chiefs, directors and executive accountants, this blog manager blocks my IP address.

As a spy, he does not wants anyone to argue about those public CEOs because he gets paid to protect them on this blog. I am going to keep calling for this national conference of all Haiti's public administrators so the Haitian people can know who are managing Haiti and you will be surprised about the number of biracial Haitians or mulattoes appointed as directors, personnel chiefs, executive accountants and management chiefs within all Haiti's public institutions.

We should all call for this great national conference of all those public administrators in Haiti in 2012 ok. Let's together articulate this idea so we will not use the Rwanda or Cuba's model to liberate Haiti.

We need qualified and competent Haitians to serve Haiti and not those mediocre directors who failed Haiti over the past 58 years.

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Toulimen,never in human history wealth is...


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All executive positions such as personnel directors, administrators and accounts are held by mulattos in all Haitian...

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I will work on that with the people that i know...

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