vodoo and humain rights

Henry - December 30 2011, 11:18 AM

Dear sir, once again it's henry i hva been in us for almost 13 years, do you know everytime some other nation hear me talking, they say you have a beautiful accent and they ask you so pretty where are you from, i answend with pride haiti, the first thing they say to me hooooo, haiti lots of vodoo and tonton makout, and also do you know most of haitians say that, they would go back in haiti because of vodoo and no respects for humain right.

i find that dissgrace and humiliating, it's that the only ways they can recognise and difine haitians, they look at haitians like they are nothing and they are right, because if were have a country that is respesct us stand behind us and doing a good things trust me we would not need to come to us to humiliated like this, my questions are can anybody make a stop in this, whent you go to in office, it is very nasty the way the talk and act to a customer, and why is that if you in the us you can buy anything from cars to house without thinking people going to kill you for, you can event open you buisness without thinking that tomorrow you are not going to fing anything in front of it or vandalise, but in haiti you can start working since your 15yrs old until you turn 35yrs old for you to get your own, because i will think that's more ravenues for the country, but no, as soon you get it you don't deserve it, please can someone explain that to me, because as 31 yrs old i wake up everyday thinking about all those staff, i cry my eyes off, to see is that all we are some other country foot steps.

shame! well God bless Mr. the President.

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Toulimen Legrand says...

If it were up to the former colonized Christian slaves, Haitians will still be under the French rules like Martinique, Guadeloupe and other colonized French countries around the world. Voodoo is sacred and Haiti stopped practicing good Voodoo since 1 more »

Douvino says...

Sak fe ou pa al chache yon kote ou grate ak zafe vodou sa. dado, le mot c'est pas voodoo, mais "Vodou" pour nous les Haitians. Le vrai mot c'est "Vodou", please. Mete ko'ou yon kote ak bagay vodou'ou sa monche more »