Dear Prosper, It is good to think in a positive way, however...

Zephanie Hope - December 30 2011, 12:31 PM

Dear Prosper,
It is good to think in a positive way, however when you start on a wrong base, the conclusion will be wrong too. Rwanda has no ethnic groups; you need to make this right first.

The dark skin or any other sort of body difference does not make ethnic groups in Rwanda because they all have dark skin or have the same characteristics in both sides.

The differences start when, once on power, the few manipulate or simply disregard the Law of the land, as well as God's Law, and misuse the power for their own interests as if others [majority] are their "servants".

Whoever states that 99% of one group have been killed did not go to school and so does not know statistics.

I show you why: 9% of 7,000,000= 630,000; therefore, that is the highest number of the so called "Tutsi" who possibly were in Rwanda prior to the 1994 mass-killings.

In 2004, if I read well Theodore Simburudali's statement, he was then IBUKA-RWANDA president travelling to Europe, his goal was to mobilize at least 100.000 members from outside Rwanda, in order to reach 500,000 of survivors.

Do statistics now and tell people correct figures, taking in account that there were in Rwanda more than 10 other survivor organizations, those who are not Ibuka members or those who are not affiliated at all. Rwanda's problem is not about bad peoples, but bad politics that maintain people in a state of ignorance deliberately.

Those Rwandan people belong to God, they are servants of God, but the so called "Tutsi" [or alike] want to be gods and make the rest their "servants", "Hutu" or alike.

This will never work and the losers are not God's servants whether you call them "Hutu", "Tutsi" or dark skin people.

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