What I Believe Haiti Needs Immediately.

Christian J. Mcnally - December 30 2011, 10:41 PM

First of all, the school project you have from Kindergarten to 7th grade needs to change from Kindergarten to University.

We must encourage our people to continue going to school to better their education, and the country has enough resources to make it happen.

Despite the $1.50 you are charging, you need to raise it to $3.00. I'm willing to pay my share.

Plus, you should begin to have your hand in the Transportation Industry by beginning to claim one customer per public transportation.

For example, if the driver is going to Cape Haitien, one customer's fee should be claimed from the driver as he's leaving Port-Au-Prince, and on his return he should pay in Cape Haitien one customer's fee. That money should go into the government's treasury and this should apply in every city in the country.

That would provide, in time, a large amount of money in the treasury to be able to build homes and move the people out of the tents and have enough money to build schools, road repairs, electricity and water.

The fund will also create a good social service for the people, as well as jobs. To monitor such funds, a booth should be put into place, 2 people per 8 hours, plus 1 police officer, plus 2 people to keep the area clean, and this should apply to every booth in the country.

For example, a booth must be placed in Port-Au-Prince, Cape Haitien, and everywhere else public transportation goes to. By applying such a system in the country, it will help in the long run as well as short term to have money in the treasury to better prepare for any future disaster.

You also need to remove the merchants from the streets.

That's the way it is in America.

It's not rocket science, it's easy as 1, 2, 3. If you need help to establish these ideas that I envision, I'm only a phone call away as a volunteer to guide you how to do it. Over night, Haiti will turn into a progressive country instead of hearing every day that we are the poorest country in the western hemisphere.

Once we start having money in the treasury, the government can begin purchasing land and building new cities to relocate the people.

By the way, Road National #1 needs to be finished.

The construction stopped at Titanyen.

It needs to be finished immediately.

Former President Preval started it. It's time to finish it. No excuses whatsoever.

Moreover, when you begin to get funds in the treasury, the government can start giving loans for people to begin opening businesses such as markets, clothing stores, electronic appliances, etc. We need to work days and nights to provide electricity and running water in the country and to encourage the farmers to continue planting trees and crops in the most efficient way possible to yield greater harvests.

I hope to speak to you soon about these ideas.

I know it's a tough job you have in your hands but I believe you can do it. Let's let LUCK- Labor Under Correct Knowledge speak for itself.

Take care. Something very important I would like to add that should be done as you receive this letter.

When approaching a police station at night in the dark, there is no sign posted to tell anyone to reduce their speed.

There are speed bumps that come out of the blue that create accidents.

The officers told me there are many accidents and they never try to prevent those accidents.

It seems like they're working for Morgue Privee and not to preserve the lives of my beloved haitiens.

Please look into this. There are also speed bumps throughout the country near many other police stations.

It's a hazard in the daytime, and even worse at night.

Please look into this. Farewell.

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Rochenette says...

Mezammi, sa ayisyen genyen yo pa vle pale kreol anko! Antouka Mwen mem m le m al we fammi m nouyok, mwen toujou we ampil machan n sou totwa yon ri yo rele jamaica nan blok Queens. Moun yo boukanen ti vian n yo alez epi yap van yo nan ti bwa, ti pen a more »