If it were up to the former colonized Christian slaves...

Toulimen Legrand - December 31 2011, 12:12 AM

If it were up to the former colonized Christian slaves, Haitians will still be under the French rules like Martinique, Guadeloupe and other colonized French countries around the world.

Voodoo is sacred and Haiti stopped practicing good Voodoo since 1865 with the presence of American Missionaries who gave orders to burn real Voodoo Temples and kill real Voodoo priests as well. Voodoo practices changed their tactics to survive by using criminal means to resist white massacres in Haiti.

I am proud to be part of a Voodoo country and I will never feel shameful like for belonging to the first animistic religion of the world, which I feel proud to belong to and I will never sell my soul to become Christian.

We have crimes in all countries and read the newspapers to see how Americans are dismembered others with Anthony Sowel in Ohio who killed and dismembered 19 women, with BTK who killed and dismembered 32 humans with that white guy in Florida who buried alive Jessica Lundsford and many more to name a few. Do Americans feel shameful of those crimes as perpetrated by Christian Americans.

They are all Christian Americans and they are not crying like you for those crimes committed by Americans.

They feel proud of their country why don't you. America is one of the most high crimes rates'countries around the world and Americans always feel proud of their country why don't you?

Who can be more criminals than bioscientists with genetic and infectious diseases?

Be proud of yourself my friend and don't feel shameful at all. I love Voodoo and it is one of the most beautiful religious rituals of the world and most of Voodoo rituals are found in the Bible, Koran and others.

I love Voodoo and as one of the surviving sons of Dessalines Legrand's family, I am proud of Haiti as a Voodoo country and it will remain forever.

My ancestors freed Haiti with Bois-Caiman Ceremony and not with the colonizers'christian bible.

I, Toulimen Legrand, proud to be a Voodoo follower and I will be forever...


vodoo and humain rights

Dear sir, once again it's henry i hva been in us for almost 13 years, do you know everytime some other nation hear me...

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