let the haitian people know

Allvar - January 2 2012, 5:06 AM

Hi president
I saw all what you are doing in haiti give people money for the holidays that's really good also give them motocycles and cars. you told them that you promise them free education then there it goes. but one thing you forgot to mention to the haitian masses that you are taking a lot of money from the diaspora to acheive your goal. you forgot to remind them not to kidnap the diaspora when the go to haiti.

people like me would like to go but I was almost got kill in haiti in 2001. since then I never go .when the earthquake I cry because I could not go to help even thought i'm not a disaster trainee but I could help in the after match because i draw blood a nursing assistant as well as a medical technologist who run blood tests.

I send you this so you can still remind them not to kidnap the diaspora because the diaspora is the one that support them and we are the on that keep the haitian economy.

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