Equal Economic Employment Opportunity Law Needed In Haiti

Toulimen Legrand - January 4 2012, 11:50 PM

In order for change to occur in Haiti, the Haitian parliament should vote a decentralization law and followed by the EEEO law so both ethnic groups can be represented in proportion of their representation in the country.

Haitian elites or the mixed elites have been managing Haiti for years and since 1807 with Alexandre Petion's presidency.

Haitian elites'members are CEOs within the Haitian public administration.

World political analysts call them "Mulatoes Under the Garments" meaning whether we have a black skinned president or a mulato president, the administrative power in Haiti is in the hands of the mixed elites of Haiti (the Haitian Oligarchy).

For 100 executive directors in Haiti, 97 are mulatoes and only three of them are blacks where the latter represent 97% of the Haitian population.

This social injustice must be corrected because black skinned Haitians today are more educated than the mixed elites of Haiti.

The mixed elites are overrepresented within all Haiti's administrative functions and that must be corrected.

Haiti is the only country that has a overepresented minority within the executive positions in Haiti.

The mixed elites'administrative power must come to an end now. It is the truth and you must accept it.

For instance, when you enter any public building in Haiti, you are being served by blacks who are occupying lower administrative functions and when you take the stairs to the second floor all the executive bosses are mixed elites i.e. light skinned Haitians.

What does that mean?

This means since 1807 and up to today's date, blacks are uneducated and cannot occupy executive functions and only chidren born from mixed elites can. If a dark skinned is president, he should marry a light skinned Haitian woman to talk to the oligarchy of the seven richest families in Haiti.

That is why one needs the EEEO law to promote changes in Haiti.

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