The Haiti's Oligarchal Curse Over Haiti Must End

Toulimen Legrand - January 6 2012, 10:47 PM

Haiti's curse is racism and this racism comes from the Haitian Oligarchal families in Haiti.

The Haitian Oligarch of the seven richest families of Haiti wants only mixed children from the elites to occupy all HAITI's CEOs positions within all Haiti's public institutions.

For every 100 directors, personnel chefs, administrators and executive accountants, they want only 3 dark skinned Haitians to be on board.

Dark skined Haitians are accounted for 97% of the Haitian population and they are represented to less than 3% within the administrative power of Haiti whereas mixed elites of Haiti accounting to 3% and they are overrepresented to 97%.

What an injustice and this must be corrected!

We want the Haitian parliamentary system to pass a law called EEEO for both ethnic groups to be well represented based on their percentage of their population in Haiti.

I want women to be represented as well based on their percentage, which is 52% where they are represented to less than 2%.

Social racism must come to an end and I am fighting against it. Women and men should be treated fairly and equally in Haiti.

The partriarchal system must be dismantled and women should be free to decide for themselves.

It is time for all to be treated as equals.

The Law on Represenation within the Haitian political power must pass now to stop racism against race, sex, color and national origin.

We must pass this law now...

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

We have enough electric poles and trees in Haiti to do the job. We need to make an example,teach them a lesson they will never forget. HANGING is the solution. HANG them high to the street poles or trees. more »