We should force them to redefine the Haitian nationality. All...

Toulimen Legrand - January 11 2012, 12:39 AM

We should force them to redefine the Haitian nationality.

All Haitians are Haitians for life whether they are born from one parent or two Haitian parents and anywhere in the world or in Haiti.

No one can take the nationality away from any Haitian born on the mainland or outside Haiti.

The ignorant Duvalierist Louis Roy excluded us to allow those illiterate macouts to run Haiti.

We will chase them away and we will prevail.

They are working for Martelly now and along with Duvalierist Francois Nicolas Duvalier II, but you know what Jean we will fight them to death and Martelly will be sorry for integrating those insane people in his government...Wait and you will witness the next scenario.

Mevz warned me not to boycott them, but I am telling you I am losing patience, and if they cannot fix Haiti chaos will occur soon. Just wait and you will see...Shalom my friend!

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I agree with you on that one 100/100. What about only...


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Depi apre Estime, se premie foua payi dayiti komanse...

Toulimen,thanks for your reply, because i was waiting...

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