Haitian Childrens Need a Father at Home

Basdos - January 11 2012, 1:13 PM

Hi Mr. President, I would like you to address an issue that could bring a lot of stability, financially, emotionally, educationally, culturally and in so many other aspects for the Haitian family and Haiti in general: The need and presence of fathers, to be and live with their children.

In your speeches, you should glorify marriage life and the importance of the family unit with the presence of the father in it. Fathers should be commanded to protect, help, feed, teach, play, stabilize, be the hero of their children, so that the kids could grow up with much more respect for rules, society, have a model, help avoid becoming delinquent, all for a more stable Haitian society.

In State employment, it should be made clear that having financial responsibility at home is an issue that is considered when decision is made to offer employment to someone.

As well, this would create greater stability for the fathers with potentially less likely to go have children outside the primary family unit.

In the US, the African American had to deal with the same issue and I believe, even Obama had raised that issue publicly.

The mothers of Haiti would love you more for addressing that issue and for actually doing something about it (a bit of shame with, lots of encouragement would help) It can only be for the better of Haitian society, for which, you seem to care a lot as you are working hard for a better Haiti.

I thank you for your time Mr. President.

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Rochenette says...

Mezammi edem kompran sans mesaj sa a! li ta bon e plis ke bon si nan tout kay ta gen yon papa ki pou ta ede timoun yo nan tout aktivite lavi yo. li ta bon ampil si tout gason pran responsabilite yo nan men, mem m jan papa m te fe le li te vivan. li more »