Revolutionary building system to rebuild

Jacqueline Deck - January 12 2012, 9:11 PM

President Michel Martelly:
contact me to connect you to a builder who can train your people to rebuild/employ them in the process and provide safer, almost indestructable housing and facilities.

Let em connect you to a worldwide builder.

Attributes of building system:
This Corporation offers a revolutionary building product.

A proper professional presentation can be made, however, here is a run down of what this revolutionary, money saving product is and can provide:
Note: a video of the process can be presented.

* saves time, $$, worries and effort
* stronger than block construction, more versatile than wood frame and faster to erect
* can do small to multi-level buildings with it (hotels/motels/highrises)
* provides design flexibility
* reduces need for heavy equipment on job site (eco-conscious)
* requires fewer specialized trades to build
*has simplified utility/electrical installation
***greater structural integrity and environment resistance (fire retardant, 23,000 lbs per linear foot structural resistance, erosion, hurricane, flooding and earthquake survivability richter 9)
*earlier completion for earlier occupation (makes contractor /provider of building look good in public eyes)
* excellent thermal barrier( keeps heat in in winter and out in summer)
* excellent noise barrier( in home or as wall structures)
*fire retardant and non toxic based (environmentally friendly)
*lower maintenance costs
*environment and termite resistant
*used even in exotic locations for hotel/motel structures
*meets CABO (1&2); SBCCI, NER 454:ICBO;BOCA and HUD-SEB no 1120 compliance and codes
*has polystyrene core/wire mesh/9 gauge truss wire component making it lightweight which provides CHEAPER shipping costs
* has high quality technology based on EVG
*easy site handling of materials
*SUPER FAST assembly
* concrete on exterior and can have further exterior materials applied for aesthetic purposes
*adaptable structures

1. commercial or residential
2. simple or high end home construction
3. schools (easy to expand and do add-ons as need grows)
4. factory or warehouse construct
5. low cost housing units for impoverished
6. city noise walls or barriers; community walls
7. storage facilities or hangars
8. steel structures
9. high rises
Large buildings can be done in mere weeks.


Let me connect you to the builder/provider of this amazing structural revolutionary concept and save mega dollars in the process.

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