Hati to return to Prayer

Yvrance Unelus - January 13 2012, 7:06 PM

After the second anniversary of the earthquake that happened to Haiti on January 12, 2010, Haiti needs to return to Prayer.

This earthquake marks a New Era in the Haitian history.

Every January 12 of each year, the haitian people should take a moment to
make a confession to God, to repent of their sins and make decision to return to Jesus and find salvation through the Bible.

Haiti needs more pastoral christian schools and a Grand Seminaire Notre Dame Annex in Mazenod, Cayes in the South of Haiti.

Haiti needs more priests, more pastors to spread the Word of God through the Bible.

There should be a Legion of Mary, a Holy family mission center in every city to encourage everybody, young and old people to return to God and to have faith in Jesus, because God has a miracle for those who believe in Him. Every church needs a hotel like in Canada for the pilgrims to sejourn during their pilgrimage.

Every school should have at least a 10 minute prayer every day with their students to teach them that God is the Creator of everything and for them to follow the Ten Commandments of God. Haiti needs Eucharistic Cruisades to convert the haitian people who never heard about the existence of God. In the 1960s, many haitian people get converted through Catholic missionaries.some through Jehovah witness, and other through the Church of God, etc. All of them are talking about the Bible and those missionaries are changing people lives through the Bible.

Haiti needs a prayer everyday because Haiti needs Jesus to guide his people for a better Haiti.`

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