Benin is proud as a country to carry the Voodoo's heritage. In...

Toulimen Legrand - January 13 2012, 9:48 PM

Benin is proud as a country to carry the Voodoo's heritage.

In Ouidah, the Southern Voodoo's capital, people are gathered to officially honor their ancestors through Voodoo's rituals and the whole world is paying attention to their Voodoo's festivals there.

This was supposed to be done each year in Haiti, but Haitians sold their souls to Christian Priests to reenslave themselves.

Our ancestors were not Christians and that is why they liberated Haiti from the evil of the Christianity religion.

It is said in the Christian Bible that the slaves should obey to their masters as Christ obeyed to GOD. The Christian bible honors slavery as normal facts of life.

True Haitians are not and will never be Christians because they will not let the former colonial masters to reenslave them. If we did not have a mixed culture in Haiti as descended from the sons and daughters of the former colonial masters, Haiti would never be a Christian country.

Voodoo is desecrated in Haiti because the mixed culture allows that to happen.

Bois Caiman is dead because Haitians sold their souls for money by converting themselves into the Christianity religion.

We will not run and we will not hide, and I can assure you that one day Voodoo will prevail and Dahomey and not Abomey will be on the mouth of all. I am a Beninese/Haitian and I am proud to be a bicultural person.

I see the living GOD through Voodoo's rituals and I love Voodoo to death.

It is a free religion as issued from the Animism, which was the first religion on earth.

We have given birth to several types of other religions around the world, but remember there is no salvation outside of Voodoo.

We are all saved through Voodoo and we are free. We are not a colony of France like Martinique and Guadeloupe.

Remember, 17% of Haitians are Prostestants and they don't feel proud to be liberated through the Bois Caiman, but I am telling you I will never surrender my soul to the former colonial masters and I will never be Christian, for Christianity is slavery and the bible justifies it. Whites impose their religion on those 17% sold out Haitians and they all hate Dessalines for liberating them under the sufferings of the former colonial masters.

All those who are not scared and who would not sell their souls to the White men should gather around me, but the cowards could join the other camp to betray me and that's what the 17% of Haitian Protestants did. Shame and shame on them. Long life to the spirit of Dessalines! I will carry his torch very far in life. As one of the survivors of the Dessalines Legrand's family, I will not surrender my soul to the White men. Voodoo is sacred and I love real Voodoo to death.

Bois Caiman is alive and soon they will hear about us. We will be strong again! Voodoo will be purified and the criminals who are hiding themselves under the Voodoo's veil will be arrested soon. Enough is enough, we will be strong again.



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