franklin montinat uneducated judge of Gressier

Jjjadrin - January 17 2012, 12:15 AM

President Martelli, when I met with you in Mariani in August 2010, I promessed you that I will help you to win the presidency of Haïti, the same way that I helped president Obama.

I did just that. Now I am asking you to incarcerate franklin montinat and inspector Herman of Gressier for crimes against the Haïtien people.

franklin montinat an uneducated 10th grader, judge of Gressier took one thousand Dollars from a bussiness man on November 11th, of 2011, and put this man in jail on false accusation because the man refused to give more money to franklin.

This is very detrimental for the country.

When the case came up to the Parquet of Port-au-Prince, to arrest franklin a friend of montinat from Petit Grove under commissaire stepped up to protect franklin.

How much longer these criminals will stay in power to commit more crimes in Haïti?

franklin montinat has too many complaints against him for him to continue to commit crimes with his associates.

I am hoping that your administration is not corrumpt like jean-claude duvalier, papa doc administration and the tonton macoute.

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