Bay peyi a yon chans

Som - January 19 2012, 3:00 AM

I wish that the 88 parlement haitian live the country alone.

Give haiti a break.

let the country move on so we can have a better haiti.

even though I did not like the president at the beginning for what I see both him and his wife are doing I give them an B+.

not include his young children how much the are involve in the developman of the country.

Please those parlment who do not know even a street in miami without a guide bay haiti yon chans.

on the other hand, martelly never live aboard for a long period of times whay disqualify him as president.

the man just travel.

Ban-n imbesil pitit secil kite peyi a an repo.ban vole.

moin te konnin depi Aristid an haiti peyi a pap mache paske moun-n sa yo kote yo soti a si yo pakapab manje manje a yap kate-l

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