A Message For President Michel Martelly

Jean - April 6 2011, 8:47 PM

Dear President Martelly,
I congratulate you.You lead a successful compaign and you win the elections.But do not take that victory for granted, lead the country open minded.

Do not make the same mistakes your predecessors did by closing their ears to advices.The best advice you can take is from the people did vote for you and those who did not vote for you.In the coming days I do have a lot of to say about political changes that need to be done in haiti but now let me tell you few.
1-All the judges should be elected by the people.DECENTRALIZE
2-Each department should have a "chief of department" elected by the people.DECENTRALIZE.That will create a form of competition between the department for the development of each of them.
3-The "Commisaire of Police" should be elected by the people.DECENTRALIZE
4-Dual citizenship is a necessity for haiti now.
5-The members of CEP should be elected by the people.

6-Why when a police officer issues someone a ticket you do not have a chance to have a judge listen to your story too before you pay it?It seems the officer is always right.

7-You can not fight corruptions if the transactions are not computerized
8-All transactions have to be audited.

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