who cares if hes american or not

Marcel J. - January 28 2012, 8:00 PM

so what if hes american, why didnt they look for that at the begining.

haiti needs a pesident that is willing to sacrifice to make things happen.

those people like jean charles are theives that dont want the country of haiti to improve.

they want in to stay how it is so they could steal the money.

haiti is said to be he porest country in the western hemispher but all of it is just a bunch of B.S. If there was a president like martelly right after the 2010 earthquake haiti wouldn't be thought of as it is now. thats why we support our presdident american or not 110%.

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Yatelow says...

Talk for yourself. Do not talk for the rest of Haitians because a moron like you should not have been on a keyboard typing stupidities. more »