give haiti a chance to progress please

Lautre Niveau - February 6 2012, 6:18 PM

give haiti a chance to progress please haiti has been under united state influence for year this must come to and end haiti must defend it interest at all cause the united state has no say in haiti affairs because the help destroy it .It time for haiti to stop been a little child of the united state we help them fight their own indenpandance the never did nothing for us instead the cause us to suffer more we pay the price for them and the never recognised us the united state is a ungrateful country the never appreciate nothing if we did not help them the will have never be where the are today .Ww was that was suppose to be treated like a king instead the treat like a dog to them we have no value to them this curse over haiti has to end american should return la navasse island to end it influenced over haiti because la navasse does not belong to them the stole it from us let the true be told american cannot wins all the time god willing the will fall one days the had done enought on this planet haiti is a small country that has been manipulate by the giant united state for year why the never apologised to haiti the will never will. Because the did not like us from the beginnig that continue untill today.

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