this will not never happen

Lautre Niveau - February 10 2012, 8:50 PM

This will never happen the fate of the millitary depend on those foreign organisation that are given aids is not the haitian government if the try to create chaos is to bad for them we dont need these type ot things to repeat in haiti again .Martelly said he working on that the should wait he have to find fund to help establist it if the try to create chaos the will just spoil it for them these are the type of people we dont need in haiti anymore it time or never if these peolpe create these chaos for nothing .WE should ban these people from the new army the dont deserve to be in it the putting back haiti back in the same mess it had went through .The faith ot he army is not the haitian it depend it depend on this organization that are given aids outside haiti has no money to financed an army a lot of people was already against a new army the know for themself it does not mean a good things for haiti these are the same people who make a mess of the country if the goes throught like the all should pay a price .The should ban all of those former soldier from the new army we need young capable haitian to defend the country not bastard like them if the was any good in them haiti would have never been in this situation today is because of them now the get a seconde chance the want to spoil it for themself.

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